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"Sing" by Jon Batiste & Tori Kelly

image from music video (link below)

Jon Batiste is a talented musician and songwriter, known for his role on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He's also a proud New Orleans native and a devout Catholic. Batiste and Tori Kelly recorded a song called "Sing." It shows both Gospel and some hip hop elements and would work well, in my opinion, as a call to worship in a church service. First lyrics below:

On the verge of cryin'

I don't feel like tryin'

But instead, I'll sing, yeah

But instead, I'll sing

When I'm done with worries

And no one's around me

Don't you know, I'll sing, yeah

Oh, I love to sing

When I can't find the words

And everything starts to hurt

I'm done with this heavy heart

I let all my burdens off

And I sing


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