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"Sing With Me, Let Us Worship!" by Eliza Pirosca Warden

Eliza Pirosca Warden is a Romanian-American singer, musician and composer whom I first met in Romania in 2008 while serving in music ministry. Seven years later, I hosted her at my first multicultural church and organized a tour for her to play at a few of the Romanian Baptist churches in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I've posted about Eliza before. When the quarantine began in the U.S., Eliza regularly organized musical performances on her front lawn (Birmingham, AL) for the community.

Now, she's released a new Christmas album! Songs are in English and Romanian, and music videos have been made. The song "Sing With Me, Let Us Worship!" is catchy, a little syncopated, and has playful Eastern European elements along with good vocal harmonies.


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