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Skip & Paul Talk, Pt.2

Sushant Vohra/Unsplash

Paul: What is this thing called Black Lives Matter?

Skip: Oh, it’s an organization and a movement. In popular culture, the movement addresses the history of injustice in our country towards people of color.

Paul: People of color?

Skip: Oh, boy. Yes, people who don’t have white skin complexion like me.

Paul: People like me?

Skip: Yes. White people in my country have not been fairly treating people of color.

Paul: Well, where do these White people come from? Is it a nation called Whitia?

Skip: (chuckles) Well, no. They came to my country, the United States of America from all over the northern part of Europe, so from lots of different countries.

Paul: And yet they are all White?

Skip: Yes, because they are all the same race.

Paul: Race? What is a race?

Skip: Oh, wow. I guess it’s a matter of profiling based on the color of your skin. It was developed later than your time.

Paul: Interesting. And for this Black Lives Matter movement, do you support it?

Skip: No.

Paul: Why not? Is this history of injustice true?

Skip: Well, yes, but the organization that the movement is associated with is queer-affirming.

Paul: What is “queer”?

Skip: Oh my goodness, Paul. It’s part of a movement that believes that gender is fluid and that men can marry men and women can marry women.

Paul: I see.

Skip: Well, we can’t be associated with the organization, because while we believe that all black lives matter, we are not queer-affirming.

Paul: And these “black lives,” they are people that descend from a lot of different countries, too, but not from Europe?

Skip: Yes, from the continent of Africa.

Paul: Alright. Well, are there any organizations that are striving to address your nation’s history of injustice and do agree with you on all matters?

Skip: I don’t think so.

Paul: Can your church address this injustice by yourself?

Skip: Well, I can speak about it in a sermon.

Paul: What about the organizations that don’t agree with you on other matters? Can they address this history of injustice themselves?

Skip: Well, maybe. But we can’t give them any funds or endorsement. It could confuse and even anger observers about what we’re against.

Paul: Maybe, but, otherwise, observers may not know what you stand for.


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