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"Sticks & Stones" by Kings Kaleidoscope

Ashim D'Silva/Unsplash

Currently available in cyberspace is ChristianityToday's documentary podcast "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill," a study of the life and collapse of the infamous church and movement led my Mark Driscoll. The song under the opening audio montage is "Sticks & Stones" by Kings Kaleidoscope, a band formed in 2010 at one of Mars Hill Church's campuses.

Kings Kaleidoscope's style is creative and described as "indie rock meets hip hop production with a sprinkle of Disney." This particular song is quite dramatic and the lyrics are powerful. It's a convicting song of self-reflection, questioning whether one is serving God or pledging to Church, Inc. It's a song more church congregants need to hear. Lyrics below:

Did I pledge my allegiance For the purpose of progress

To a priest or a prophet

Playing god in the process?

Was I chasing convenience

In a wave of disaster

Where the captain's a captor

And I'm a puppet to pastor?

A worthless war A curtain torn To take control of this ship A nail of shame A broken vein To write redemption a script A truth-less gun A dying Son To turn the tables we flipped Turn the tables we flipped

Paint the beauty we split

Paint the beauty we split

Paint the beauty we split

Paint the beauty we split

They don't get it, I don't get it We're committed to sticks and stones Undecided, but I'm trying still divided So it goes

Paint the beauty we split Take control of this ship Paint the beauty we split Write redemption a script Paint the beauty we split Turn the tables we flipped Paint the beauty we split

Show me a man, an honest mission I'm willing to hope beyond suspicion Show me the race, I'll run the distance Longing to give and taste forgiveness Dying to live a pure religion Settle the rush to chase submission Open my eyes and soul to listen

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