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"Sunday Morning" by Lecrae (ft. Kirk Franklin)

Vlad Busuioc/Unsplash

This song is a collaboration of my favorite rapper and my favorite Gospel songwriter. "Sunday Morning" is from Lecrae's newest album Restoration, and it is a pleasing combination of rap, powerful lyrics, and Gospel piano and choir. This song certainly belongs on church playlists, and it's not impossible to execute by a worship team. Lyrics below:

I been messed up (Yeah)

Stressed out with no luck (Yeah)

But every time I wake up (Yeah)

I get a chance to wake up (Yeah)

Thank God I got a chance to wake up

Wake up, another day to get my cake up, cake up (Yeah)

'Cause every time I wake up (Yeah)

I get a chance to wake up (Yeah)

Wake up, wake up

Wake up lil' slick, get up outta bed

You was like a couple steps away from being out of here

Thank you from my Granny prayers

Thank you for my potna 'n 'dem

I thought I was finished here

Jesus told me, "Start again"

I would party sundown 'til days end

Makin' money that I can't spend

I had a failing marriage and some fake friends

I had to doubt my doubts and let faith in

I was broken, God done brought me out like I was Moses

I'm chosen, woke up Sunday morning feeling focused

Funny actin', swipe left, that's on momma's

Always cappin', swipe left, yeah, no more drama

Boy, you know you blessed

Last night was a mess, God just hit refresh

Woke up in the new diablo

Father stretch me like I'm Pablo (preach)

Sunday service on the front stoop

With a cup of tea in the condo

Tony Evans kicking convo'

Walking me through my storm

And I ain't grow up hearin' gospel

But I got it playing this morn'

I done been through this a time or two

I keep going back but now I'm finally through

I'm like "If I was God, I'd be tired of you"

But He be open arms like He desire you

I'm like wow, smokin', sippin', slippin', thought I lost my grip in, wow

Pulled me back and told me I'm forgiven

I woke up Sunday morning weight up on my chest (Yeah)

Had to remind myself that every day I'm blessed (Yeah)

'Cause every time I wake up (Yeah)

I get a chance to wake up (Yeah)

Thank God I got a chance to wake up

Wake up, another day to get my cake up, cake up (Yeah)

'Cause every time I wake up (Yeah)

I get a chance to wake up (Yeah)

Wake up, wake up (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)

Seasons change the colors so quickly

It's hard to keep up with the leaves

'Cause everybody leaves

On my birthday, Kobe, Gigi and seven souls remind me

That the tree of life is so uncertain

And tomorrow has unpredictabilities as colorful

As the smiles that took off that day

May that Sunday morning resonate past trophies and trinkets

And the ongoing pursuit of more

To sober us but the humbling truth

My life and your life, is just a vapor

And if what you see is all you see

Then you do not see all there is to be seen

Quickly we leave


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