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"Take Me Back" by Maverick City Music (featuring Dante Bowe)

Aditya Romansa/Unsplash

This song has moved me several times. It's a prayer that will connect with many Christians going through times of anxiety and suffering, and it's also very bold. "Take Me Back" is another original song from the Maverick City Music community, based out of Atlanta, about whom I've written before. (They make wonderful and creative fusions of acoustic contemporary, improvisation, and African-American Gospel music). This song features Dante Howe of Bethel and has three different bridges, all with powerful lyrics. It is easily sing-able by a congregation.

I remember when I was young and your voice shouting loud my name

Since that moment, never heard it quite that way

Now that I’m older, could you say it again?

I remember when I was afraid, oh, the hand I felt lead the way

For the first time in my life I felt safe

Now that I’m older, would you lead me again?

When the storm's out on the ocean

And the violent wind get’s to blowing

Oh take me back, back, all the way back

Oh take me back to my first love

I remember when I was blind until your love opened up my eyes

Oh my life, flooded with your light

Now that I’m older, would you show me again? Oh, would you show me again?

You are real to me, I’ve known it from the start

There’s no space between the Heavens and my heart

You are near to me, I’ve never been too far

And in the in between, You brought Heaven to my heart

When it was all simple, and loving was easy

When it was all simple, and trusting was easy


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