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"The Hill," a Holy Week song

I first came to know the work of Travis Greene through the radio, enjoying his song "Intentional." His lyrics are deep, his voice is agile, and he likes to add a little reggae every once in a while. When I found out that Travis Greene was singing at the Chicago Gospel Music Festival just before Hezekiah Walker was closing, I had to go.

At the concert, I first heard a great Holy Week offertory song (it's not congregation-singable) of his, entitled "The Hill." It interestingly connects Golgotha to the hills to which King David looked for his help from God. Lyrics are below:

The hill, hill, hill . . .

Sin around me, pain is in me, stress is on me

But I gotta keep looking up

Tears are streaming, heart is beating, others leaving

But I gotta keep looking . . .

Some will trust in horses and chariots

But I will look to the hills and I will not fear

Some may say that they found another way

But my eyes are on you and I will not move from...

Trouble has found me, pressure is crowding, people doubting

But I gotta keep looking up

Ground is shaking, walls are breaking, and my heart is racing

But I gotta keep looking . . .

On the hill there's a cross, on the cross there is blood for me, for me

He still has the power, wonderful power, to heal our diseases, to cover our weakness

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