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"The Love of the Father" by CityAlight

My son came back from a long summer camp and told me about this song. He absolutely loved learning it at the camp and he wants it sung at our church. It's been around for a while, but it could work well for a youth gathering or a Sunday morning service. Lyrics below:

Lift up your voices and lift up your praise

Join with the heavens declaring the wonders

Of His faithfulness forever

Sing of the victory, the hope of the world

The Saviour has risen, the Spirit has come to

Bring us into love forever

Oh, we are the people of God

With the freedom of hope in our hearts

How great is the love of the Father

Lifted from darkness and into the light

The sons and the daughters are loved at a price

Our God has made us His forever

This is the song of the redeemed

The ransomed and the free

Given life at such a price

This is love, this is love

And when the Father calls us home

And we see Him on the throne

Hear the voices sing as one

This is love, this is love


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