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Top Ten Song Ideas of 2022


What were the most-read song ideas on during the year 2022? Let's count down.

10. "Mary, Did You Know?" with Updated Lyrics by Jennifer Henry (performed by Gloria Fanchiang). It's notable how this song was only posted last week and made it into the top ten! Keep it in mind for next year's Advent programming.

9. "Easter" by Travis Greene & Todd Dulaney. A very diverse and uplifting song, but could require some effort. It's not too early to start for Easter programming in 2023!

8. "Though We Weep" by City of Light Anglican. A wonderful album of songs to consider, especially if your ministry involves a lot of English and Spanish in worship.

7. "Holy Heart" by Ruah Worship (Japan). I (James) was very happy to be introduced to this group and other worshipful songwriters from Japan this year!

6. "Nearer My God to Thee" (Ukrainian). The story of this hymn being sung by Ukrainians huddling for safety while bombs rained.

5. "Mолитва" by Rooted in Christ (Ukraine). A worship song written before the invasion that I (James) found and posted after the invasion began.

4. "Nara Ekele Mo" by Songs2Serve (Igbo, English and 8 other languages). Posted in January, this simple song is one of only a few that can involve ten languages.

3. "God, He Shares Our Pain" by WELOVE (South Korea) with Lyrics in Korean, English, Mandarin and Spanish. This song was originally written in South Korea and was introduced to me (James) by a ministry student from Japan. I was intended to write about it for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. However, in light of the Buffalo, NY grocery store shooting, the Laguna Woods, CA shooting, and the Uvalde, TX shooting all happening within less than two weeks, I was able to find this song's lyrics in Mandarin and Spanish as well.

2. Bayete Inkosi by Tom Inglis (Zulu and English). Just a fun and simple song. Really great if you can pull off the vocal harmonies.

1. Yahova Na Mora by Purushottam Chowdary (India). A traditional Telugu hymn I (James) heard at a multicultural worship event. Maybe I could work on an English translation.

Thank you for your reading and support! Looking forward to 2023!


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