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"Tu Pîroz Î" by Saban Ok (Kurdish)


A colleague introduced me to a Christian musician serving in Turkey, and she introduced me to the work of Şaban Ok, a prolific Christian songwriter. One song of his, "Tu Pîroz Î" (roughly translated from Kurdish as "You are Holy") is catchy and straightforward, reflecting on the culture with its instrumentation. Kurdish and English lyrics below:

Nave te çiqas şerin e

Rehma te çiqas mezin e

Em heyrana hezkirina te ne

Kerem bike were, me teze bike

Tu piroz i, tu piroz i

Em pesne te didin ya Xudan

Tu piroz i, tu piroz i

Em pesne te didin ya Xudan

Cane me çawa birçi dibe

Ruhe me weha ti u birçi ye

Bi Peyva xwe me ter bike

Tama wi ji hingiv çerintir e

The fragrance of your name is sweet

Your depth of mercy strong and deep

We are amazed at your kindness

O come and make us like new

Refreshen us

You are holy, you are holy

We give you praise

Our Lord and our God

Just as our bodies need daily bread

So our spirits also hunger, too

Graciously feed us now with your Word

The taste of it is sweeter than honey


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