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"Tu Seras La Louange (You Will Be The Praise)" by Glorious, a worship team in France

A fellow Wheaton graduate is serving as a musical missionary in Europe, and she spoke about this song "Tu Seras La Louange (You Will Be The Praise)" by Glorious, a worship team formed by two brothers and based in Lyon, France. One may have to brush up on their French, but the chords are straight-forward and the melody is powerful. Lyrics and a rough translation are below:


Me voici, humblement devant

Toi Accueillant Ta grâce qui se déverse en moi

Car voici, ce que j’ai à t’offrir

Un esprit brisé, une terre délaissée, un soupir

Tu seras la Louange au cœur de mes épreuves

Tu seras la réponse à tout ce que je vis

Tu seras la main qui viendra pour me relever

Tu seras ma vie mon chemin ma vérité

Relevé, restauré, et guéri

Là dans Ta présence, en Ta tendresse immense

En ce lieu, où mon cœur est béni

Les flots de l’Amour sont déversés sur moi, pour toujours

Du haut du ciel, Tu me bénis

Tu étends ta main avec puissance

Tu fends la mer, Tu me saisis

Sans peur je marche avec confiance

(English translation)

Here I am, humbly before You

Welcoming Your grace that pours into me

For here, what I have to offer You

Is a broken spirit, a neglected land, a cry

You will be the praise in the midst of my trials, You will be the answer to all that I am experiencing, You will be the hand that will come to raise me up, You will be my life, my path, my truth

Raised, restored, and healed

There in Your presence and in Your immense tenderness

In this place, where my heart is blessed

The floods of Love are poured on me, forever

From the height of heaven, You bless me

You stretch Your hand with power

You make the sea, You catch me

Without fear, I walk with confidence

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