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Twelve Things White Christians Should Not Do When There Are Black Lives Matter Protests

Michael Skok/Unsplash

12) Publicly yearn for a return to “normalcy.” We may not be struggling with the status quo for decades, but others certainly have been. Things do need to change.

11) Say or post something online that you wouldn’t say in-person to a group of black friends.

10) Put all of the blame for the crisis on a particular political party’s leadership. The systemic racism being protested runs much deeper than partisanship, and we white Christians all have benefitted to some degree from the status quo and have the opportunity to make things better.

9) Suggest any type of force or violence for de-escalation. Statistics have shown that it doesn’t work.

8) Character-assassinate or generalize. Anyone or any group. We’re called to patience and always-hopeful love.

7) Say, “all we need is the Gospel.” Most people think that’s simply a set of inwardly held beliefs when it’s much more than that.

6) Seek out and use the less frequent examples of police brutality towards white males OR highlight the words of a black male who agrees with you, denying what cumulative statistics actually show.

5) Ever use the phrase “All Lives Matter.” For POC, it just isn’t that way. Objective and un-romanticized history and present statistics prove it.

4) Dismiss or downplay any protestor’s perspective, experience, and/or pain. Let’s be good listeners, even if it hurts.

3) Quote or promote MLK to any protestor. Even if the quote is applicable, it doesn’t build bridges.

2) Over-simplify anything. Like most crises, this situation is messy and relational, and it needs to be addressed as such.

1) Staunchly support any leader or organization who is not showing the humility, patience and grace to respond in a biblical way to relational discord. We need leaders who will listen to respond, not just react.

Feel free to add more!

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