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"Uta No Kisetsu" (trans. "Season of Song") by Takafumi Nagasawa (Japan)

I was informed about Takafumi Nagasawa by a Japanese graduate student at Trinity. Arguably Japan's most well-known worship leader, his songs are well-written, straightforward and catchy. His most recent song post on YouTube is an upbeat song about beginning a new and bountiful season in life with God's truth. It would work well in a church service, especially for an opening, and a translation and text-setting would not be difficult to produce. English translation of lyrics below:

Winter is gone

The heavy rain has passed

A new season has come to this country

Shine like the morning dew with the great dawn

Dance, for the days of grief are over

The season of singing has come

The Light of Truth covers the earth

In constant praise, changing color

The season of singing has come


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