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"Vuelvo A Ti" ("I Return To You") by En Espíritu y En Verdad

A while ago, I met with the music director of a the Spanish-speaking service of a megachurch for lunch. I wanted to learn more about worship songs originally written in Spanish, not just popular song (e.g. Hillsong, Bethel) translated into Spanish. I wanted to learn the names of a few Spanish-speaking worship songwriters to follow.

My colleague gave me more than a few. I've just started combing through them.

One group is based in Mexico and is called En Espiritu y En Verdad (translated "In Spirit and In Truth"). They recently released a song called entitled "Vuelvo a Ti" (translated "I Return to You"). You can watch the video here and order the album (or other work of theirs) here. Lyrics and translation are below:

Te deleitas en hacer misericordia

Te complaces extendiendo tu perdón

Puedo oír tu voz que nos está llamando

A volver a donde todo comenzó

Vuelvo a ti, a tu hogar, a tu hogar

Todo a mi alrededor está peleando

por cautivar mi alma y corazón

Pero un Rey está a la mesa esperando

y me llama a donde todo comenzó

En ti está mi hogar,

Con brazos abiertos Tú corres a mí

Me has encontrado aquí

En tu amor seguro estoy

English Translation:

You delight in doing mercy

You are pleased in spreading your forgiveness

I can hear your voice, calling us

To go back to where everything started

I come back to you, to your home, to your home

Everything around me is fighting

to captivate my soul and heart

But a King is at the table waiting

and calling me to where everything started

In you is my home,

With open arms You run to me

You found me here

In your love I'm sure

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