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"Yahova Na Mora" by Purushottam Chowdary (India)

St. James Church in Delhi, India (Barun Ghosh/Unsplash)

While participating in the Rev7 Service (held by the Fellowship of International Students at Trinity International University), a couple of Indian students performed this song, a classic Telugu hymn. Catchy, with plenty of melismas, and utilizing Western music theory, "Yahova No Mora" could be included in a Western church service, as long as the lyrics are sung correctly. What I could find of the English translation is below:

Lord Yehova has heard my prayers

By His amazing grace he has accepted me

Day and night, I was a terrible person

Yet He heard my voice and lifted me

He removed my sinful nature

And He covered me with the blood of Jesus

He gave me another chance

And showed me Love

He heard my cry

And removed all difficulties

He put me on a high place, He kept me safe

And I am in his heart

He didn't throw me away, even though I was a bad sinner

He even gave His Holy Son for me

He handed over His Son to death

And embraced me in the lap of luxury

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