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"Ye Junim" by Proskuneo Ministries

"Honey, they're playing one of your songs!" My wife called me from a conference in Chicago. I didn't know what she was talking about at first. What happened was that the Fuller Seminary Chapel worship team was leading worship at a new conference in Chicago called Liberating Evangelicalism, and they were playing a song called "Ye Junim" from Proskuneo's recent album "One," which I had the honor of transcribing and arranging for use. Hence, the words "arranged by James Gilliland" were among the songwriting credits, the fonts for all of which were generously large on the title slide.

It had been a rough week, but attention had been brought to this song, the chorus of which reads, "Jesus, I choose to trust You."

Written by Jaewoo Kim, Louis M.R. Stead and William J. Kirkpatrick, this song is in Korean and English. The title translates to English as "Yes, Lord." It was one of the first multicultural worship songs I was commissioned to transcribe, and it has since been played at other conferences as well (e.g. the most recent CCDA conference in Dallas). Like all works from this album of Proskuneo Ministries, the chord charts and lead sheets are available here for free.


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