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"Year of Victory" by Rend Collective

Rahul Dey/Unsplash

Rend Collective is a prolific worship team from Ireland, about whom I've written in this blog a few times before. While they have another upcoming album, they did recently release a single entitled "Year of Victory." This song connects the end of 2020 with the biblical Year of Jubilee. As reported by The Christian Beat:

"The idea of the ‘Year of Jubilee’ in the Bible really captured our imaginations. That yes, this world will have its struggles, but the vision for God’s kingdom is one of freedom, emancipation, debt forgiven and sin atoned! Even though we’ve been through so much, we can still live prophetically the vision of the kingdom of God – which is good news to ALL people. It’s in HIM we can claim our victory!”

Rend Collective arguably rose to popularity with, arguably, some help from the success of the similarly acoustic and UK-based band Mumford & Sons (who won a Grammy in 2013). Rend Collective's song vary between Celtic-inspired, creative folk pop, and straight-up contemporary worship (Western). "Year of Victory" is arguably creative folk pop, involving strings with an arguable nod to Coldplay's "Viva la Vida," and it could be executed in a church service. Lyrics below:

We have a story of grace

We have an anthem of hope

We have a reason to praise

We are redeemed and restored

You are the great liberator

You ransomed us from our shame

Now by the blood of the Savior

Everything broken will change

Oh, this will be my Year of victory

My chains are gone, now I am free indeed

Every debt is paid by amazing grace

All that’s left is to celebrate

Your love has won

I’m free indeed, my jubilee has come

No longer slaves of the past

This is the year of the Lord

Here at the foot of the cross

We are outsiders no more

You made a way through the darkness

Into Your marvelous light

You broke the bondage that held us

Now we are fully alive

You shook the walls of my prison

You brought me back from the grave

You turned my mourning to dancing

Into the night I proclaim


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