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"You Are God" with the Urbana '18 Worship Team

For those of you may not know, Urbana is the global and triennial missions conference produced by the campus ministry InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It was held in Urbana, Illinois until it outgrew the capacity of the college facilities and moved to The Dome at America's Center in St. Louis.

As a conference, Urbana has featured a plethora of wisdom, inspiration and resource on multicultural ministry, especially multicultural worship. Many of the authors and artists endorsed by this website have served there (e.g. Sandra Van Opstal, Soong-Chan Rah).

The next conference begins in 10 days, but they have a new multilingual song for us today!

Entitled "You Are God," it's written by Jay Kim and Josh Davis (of Proskuneo Ministries), Paul Neeley and Carol Steddom, and the worship team is led by Eric Lige of the Ethnos Project, both with whom we've worked. The song is in English, Spanish and Korean, and it's available for download, but it's also available on YouTube and Spotify. You can find lyrics and the chord chart here.

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