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"You are Loved" by Aliya Cycon, Noor Arjoun and Selim Arjoun (French and English)

Aliya Cycon is a multilingual singer, composer, and a pioneer performer of a Middle-Eastern instrument known as the oud. I've written about her work before.

She recently teamed up with a musical duo based in Tunisia for a catchy and encouraging song called "You are Loved." Lyrics (and English translation from the French) below:

From afar, it looks perfect,

and though you try to carry on,

all along, it keeps hurting,

but you don’t always have to be so strong.

Maybe you're just getting tired,

of trying to heal yourself inside,

a burden you can't carry anymore.

Well I awoke at 4am,

these words were written in my head,

maybe you're the one I'm writing for.

You are loved.

Des émotions derrière tes lettres,

(So many emotions behind your letters)

Toutes ces pensées qui t’exacerbent,

(So many thoughts that agitate you)

Gommes avoir et penses à être,

(Erase ‘having’ and think of ‘being’)

supprimes les pas et les peut-êtres.

(Get rid of the hesitations and maybes)

Lève-toi et continue

(Get up and keep going)

pour chaque fin y’a un début.

(For every ending there’s a new beginning)

Souviens-toi des choses qu’on s’est promis.

(Remember the things we promised each other)

On tombe, on se relève, on s’élève,

(We fall, we get up, we rise)

On tourne les pages flétries d’antan,

(We turn the withered pages of yesteryear)

Il est temps de se libérer.

(It’s time to break free)

You are Loved.

Tu es aimé(e).

You are not alone, my love.

So many more I'm thinking of.

So find the power from Above,

to tell the world they too are loved.

L’amour est Beau et bon

(Love is Beautiful and Good)

Qui dit amour dit pardon , patience et passion.

(Love is forgiveness, patience and passion)

Il ouvre les portes de l’espoir,

(It opens the doors to hope)

Oui, il suffit d’y croire.

(Yes, you just have to believe in it)


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